Training Programs

Aura PCB conducts Technical Induction Program for Companies specific to PCB hardware Design and Multilayer PCB layout design. The courseware and delivery methodologies are aligned with the requirements of the organization.

  • Circuit Design and simulation

  • High Speed Hardware Design

  • Multilayer PCB layout design

  • PCB Assembly Technician

  • PCB Manufacturing Process Engineer

  • Write to us to know more it.

    Students can opt from below programs and if they have prior working knowledge can go for fast track courses.

    Aura is a premier institute for higher Aura centre of excellence provide services to connect scholars and industry in Embedded Hardware domain. We understand the market and requirements perfectly therefore able to match the skill sets with exact requirements; it results in less recruitment time and increased productivity. We also provide special advisory services that can benefit any public or private sector organisation. Please contact us for more details.