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Embedded Systems
Description Module

Embedded market is experiencing best of its times and double-digit market growth will continue for some more years. It will continue to grow as long as semiconductor ICs are used for data processing. This may be vague but to be precise, your career growth is assured for another five years. This is only a prediction/extrapolation based on the current trends in the industry. This Embedded training program provides an introduction to embedded systems, including hardware design and principles.

Module1:(C Programming in LINUX)
  • Introduction to "C " Language
  • Module 2: Embedded C
  • Micro-controller based System design using Embedded C language
  • Module 3: Serial BUSES
  • I2C
  • CAN Bus
  • Module 4:Robotics
  • Introduction to ROBOTICS, types of robots
  • Types of motors etc.
  • Architecture of PIC micro controller
  • Device overview (PIC 16F family)
  • USART Communication and EEPROM programming read/write operation etc.
  • Module 6:- ARM 7TDMI, [Advanced Risk Machine ]
  • Introduction to ARM Family
  • ARM Organization and Implementation etc.
  • Module 7: Real Time Operating System
  • Define Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS)
  • Comparison between normal (traditional) OS and Real Time OS
  • Why RTOS is required in Embedded systems
  • How RTOS helps to increase the scalability
  • Basic architecture etc.