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VLSI Design
Description Module

Our objective is for students to know how the tools themselves work, at the level of their fundamental algorithms and data structures. You should be taking this training if you are interested in building VLSI design tools, you are interested in designing VLSI chips, and you want to know why the tools do what they do, you just like cool algorithms.

  • Electrical Network Elements, Review of DC and AC Circuits .
  • Basic Semiconductor Devices and Circuits - PN Junction, BJT and MOSFET.
  • Review of OPAMP Applications .
  • Interpreting device datasheets (PN junction, BJT, MOSFET and OPAMP). Introduction to C Programming - Structure of a C program, The C compilation process .
  • Types and Operators - C base types, Precedence & Associativity, - Arithmetic operation, Promotion & Typecasting.
  • Control Flow - Logical expressions and operations, Decision Making, Loops.
  • Definitions and declarations, Header files, Scope and lifetime - Storage Classes .
  • Introduction to pointers - Using pointers to access single dim arrays.
  • Bit Manipulation, Bit level manipulation.
  • Sted C IO functions.
  • Introduction to Microcontrollers .
  • 8051 Architecture.
  • 8051 Peripheral programming in Assembly & Embedded C(GPIO’s, Timers, Counters, Interrupts, Serial Port, Power Management, etc.,) using Keil tool-chain.
  • Introduction to ARM
  • ARM7-TDMI Architecture & Programmer’s model .
  • and more..