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PCB Designing
Description Module

Our PCB Design environment uses best in industry tools like Mentor Graphics and Cadence for design capture, PCB layout and design analysis.We are customer centric and deliver high quality multi-layer high-speed PCB designs, taking into consideration of real-world manufacturing and test requirements. Our PCB design services includes:

  • High degree of Expertise in High speed PCB designs.
  • High speed digital, Analog, mixed digital/analog, RF designs.
  • High Layer count (30 layers), Ultra High density designs.
  • Impedance controlled Designs with delay matching, Stack-up and material selection.
  • Designs with Micro Vias, Blind Vias, Buried Vias and backdrill.
  • Motherboards, Single Board computers, High speed Serial Backplanes, Telecom Backplane etc.

    Module 1:
  • Schmatics Design
  • Netlist generation
  • DRC verification
  • Module 2:
  • Foot print creation
  • Library maintenance
  • IPC 7351 Slandered
  • Module 3
  • Create a Layout Template.
  • Start a PCB Layout by integrating with a schematic design.
  • Define Board Geometry, Place parts, swap pins & gates and back annotate.
  • Verify the Layout with onā€line and batch Design Rule Checking
  • Utilize the Constraint Editor System (CES) to define layout and routing constraints
  • Route, using both manual/interactive and automatic tools.
  • Module 4:
  • Generate Plane data
  • Finalize the Silkscreen
  • Generate Gerber Data.