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Power Integrity Analysis
Description Module

This course will help you understand the basic concepts of power distribution and delivery on a PCB, power integrity simulation, identification of power distribution problems on your PCB, and fixing these problems early in the design cycle.

Module 1:
  • Basic Of Power integrity
  • Create and simulate a Power Distribution Network (PDN) in LineSimĀ®
  • Set up and run DC Drop Power Analysis in LineSim and BoardSimĀ®
  • Set up and run Decoupling Analysis in LineSim and BoardSim
  • Set up and run Plane Noise Analysis in LineSim and BoardSim
  • Set up and run Power Integrity/Signal Integrity co-simulation in LineSim
  • Extract Via and PDN models for use in various simulation environments
  • Analyze bypassing of signal vias
  • Modify the PDN to fix the potential problems .
  • Explore design PDN methodologies
  • Module 2:
  • Using the LineSim PDN editor to create board outlines and shapes, add pins for representing power sources/sinks on a PCB, and assign models to the pins for what-if pre-layout DC Drop analysis.
  • Performing DC Drop analysis in LineSim, evaluating the analysis results, identifying the potential problems, making appropriate modifications, and validating the modifications through re-simulating.