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Basic of Electronics
Description Module

The study of basic electronics technology teaches students how to diagnose, repair, design and create electronics components. Through classroom study and hands-on experience, students prepare for work with lasers, fibre optics, and robotics and computer technology.

  • Category/sub category of electronic components
  • Category of Printed circuit boards
  • Description of electronic components packages
  • How to identify components by its marking
  • Parameters for electronic components to be identified for each type relevant to assembly such as value, package type, Part number, orientation.
  • Understanding Bill of material
  • Identifying electronic components with respect to bill of material supplied.
  • Practice of electronic components kitting as per BOM
  • Material Kitting process.
  • Introduction to PCB soldering station and its function
  • Introduction of PCB soldering Gun, hot air gun, DE soldering pump
  • Manual assembly process wlak through and practice.
  • Difference between RoHs and non Rohs process and material
  • PCB QC parameters to be verified post assembly
  • Precaution to be followed for safety of personal.